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  • Video Deposition
  • Transciption Synchronization
  • Settlement Video
  • Day in a Life Video
  • Accident Scene Site Inspection/ Video or Photography
  • Crime Scene Graphical or Animated Re-Creation
  • Wills and Pre-Nuptial Videos
  • Video Site Inspections
  • Construction Site Video Survey
  • Professional Procedure

Video Deposition

The video deposition has become a widely used and excepted format for presenting witness evidence in the court of law. In many examples, video is used to capture the testimony of a special witness like a doctor that otherwise would not be able to make it to the trial. Video is also used frequently when dealing with minors in order to spare them the stress and discomfort of being on the stand during their examination. Schedule your Video Deposition today, 303-205-7909.

Transcription Synchronization

Pro LVP can sync your video with the court reporter's transcript. Synchronization offers two primary advantages. Firstly, for the longer deposition, it allows you to search and find specific portions of the testimony with ease as you prepare for trial. Secondly when it comes to presentation in a settlement meeting or courtroom the testimony given will look organized and professional, giving you complete control start, stop and search for the most important information.

Settlement Video

The settlement video can be a powerful tool in encouraging settlement outside of the courtroom, saving time, effort and money. The settlement video is never shown in the courtroom and therefore is not under as stringent rules as the Day in a Life Video. Typically the settlement video is used to capture evidence and information that is compelling and then is presented to the opposition. Our staff at Pro LVP has extensive background in the realm of “creative”. The settlement video is one place in the legal community where we can let that creative talent shine as we create moving and compelling documentaries that motivate the settlement.

Day in a Life

The Day in a Life Video is video evidence. These videos are used in the courtroom. These videos are generally used to show first hand how the life of an individual has been changed by an injury. These are shot in a documentary format and cannot include creative attributes. Although the Day in a Live Video must be shot in a manner that does not over dramatize the topic, its impact in the courtroom is still very significant. Video helps a jury to see firsthand the impact of the negligence and help them to assess restitution.

Accident Scene Site Inspection/ Video or Photography

In many injury accident cases video or photography of an intersection or area can help to build your case. It can be difficult to demonstrate a unique environmental condition that can be shown in video or photography in a very simple manner. These visual aids can be the difference between the jury vaguely understanding your message and having a clear picture of the circumstances of your case.

Crime Scene Graphical or Animated Re-Creations

Graphics are not new to the courtroom. Graphs, sketches and other graphic presentations have been used for years to help build a case. Pro LVP can help polish your presentation in a number of ways. Graphical stills can be used to build or create simple visual aids when photos are not available. Animations can be used to simulate or re-create the scene of an incident. Although we are not doctors or scientists we can work with your special witness or expert to create professional and educational animations. We are also always happy to help with a Power Point or PDF for your courtroom presentation.

Will and Pre-Nuptial Video

It continues to become more popular for people to use video to create Wills and Pre-Nups. For the law firm, this becomes a value added service that you can offer your clients. Video in conjunction with any written documentation of a Pre-Nup or a Last Will and Testament leaves much of the questions and gray areas that can come up later answered.

Video Site Inspection

Video site inspections are used in litigation support by video taping physical sites ranging from individual property destruction or even fire scenes. This type of video brings the site inspection right to jurors. This type of video documentation can also be used to help settle disputes by documenting the condition of a property where two parties have some sort of mutual interest. Photography in many cases can be sufficient for site inspections.

Construction Site Video Survey

Construction companies are using videographers to help document their work. In some cases when working with municipalities' video taping their work can be required. It is common for construction companies to have work (and as such liability) that ends up underground or in difficult to access places after the job is complete. Video documentation of their sewer, underground or enclosed work, as the work is being completed, gives them video archives to fall back on in the case of an issue. Time and effort is greatly reduced when they are able to produce video of their work in the event of an issue.

Professional Procedure

This area of service is a bit unique, however very valuable. Video taping a professional procedure can significantly reduce liability. Video removes the “He said, She said” out of the deal. For the Doctor, using our team to document a surgery on a high profile patient or maybe the high-risk patient could be the one thing that saves their career in the instance of an unfortunate accident. Video visually and verbally documents every moment of that operation or procedure.

Settlement/ Trail Presentation Creation

When attempting to be persuasive, as well as increase information retention using presentation tools, graphics and video is critical. We know that people learn through different methods. One way to break these down is with the acronym V.A.K.- Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic. Integrating visual aids with a verbal presentation can exponentially increase focus and retention of subject matter being presented. Any additional tools like props or models that your audience can physically touch and handle can also be very effective. Our team of graphic experts can help you craft the most effect presentation possible, integrating text, graphics, 3D models. Contact Professional Legal Video today for a sales consultation.

Certified Trial Presentation Professional

Professional Legal Video provides trail presentation equipment and technicians to accommodate your trail presentation needs. Our gear includes WiFi hotspot, Projector and Screen, Monitors, Elmo, Switcher, Printer, Laptop and much more. We can set up live teleconferencing for remote witness testimony. We also work with each court room to accommodate set up and tear down of equipment. Our goal is to provide all of the necessary tech related tools and services our clients need to be able to go in and professionally present their case. Our techs are well versed in presentation software and will be responsible for queuing up and exhibits, videos and other digital presentation materials, in addition to operating the AV switcher and equipment provided during trial so you can focus on making your case to the jury. Additionally we can provide onsite services during trial or after hours like Video Editing, Graphic Design, Photo, Video and Audio enhancements, DVD production as well Copies and Printing. Call today for a free consultation regarding trail presentation services.
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